What advice can neuroscientists give to UI/UX designers?

Answer by Paul King:

The best advice from neuroscience to UI/UX designers is to think of everything from the perspective of dynamic attention and reinforcement feedback.

While we appear to take in the whole visual field as a single complete experience, neuroscience and cognitive science shows that it doesn't work that way. What we actually process is a narrow region that moves around, and these regions are processed in sequence through visual exploration. So thinking about this narrow window of attention, how it moves, and how the user will interpret and organize information sequentially can help to design more intuitive and effective UIs.

On the interaction side, all skills are honed via reinforcement feedback. That includes microskills such as clicking a button or link, interacting with a UI element, or finding a path through an interactive application. The more visual feedback and positive reinforcement that is provided along the way, the more automatically the brain will learn motor interaction patterns that support automatic interface operation skills.

Incidentally, color is a fairly superficial feature from the brain's perspective. It is fundamental to visual region categorization but is not used for microscale visual parsing. As a result, for example, the flat UIs of the new iphone with its saturated colors are actually more effort to parse visually because they lack luminance contrast. On the other hand, the reduced contrast does allow panes to be treated as layered sheets with less visual interference.

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Stop Motion 3-D Fake Perspective…

Artist Chris Carlson specializes in making 3D illusions using pastel chalk, paint and graphite. Watch him play a quick round of amazingly detailed stop motion Tetris. Note the shadows on the blocks.

[via http://theawesomer.com/stop-motion-chalk-tetris/225517/]


These photos show us a several very creative, funny and inspiring things. Watch them here and enjoy!

[via] http://www.dumage.com/funny-and-creative-design/

Some issues with google chrome…

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Workshop bei der Stiftung Elemente der Begeisterung

Antoine Léchevin hat Mediengestaltung an der Bauhaus-Universität Weimar studiert. 2005 zog er nach Berlin und arbeitete bei MetaDesign und Scholz & Friends. Seit November 2011 ist er selbstständig als Online Concepter, Information Architect und User Experience Designer: duklickstgut.de.

Für junge gemeinnützig Engagierte aus Deutschland und Frankreich gestaltete Antoine Léchevin im Sommer 2011 einen zweitägigen Workshop.

Best practice in der Onlinekommunikation für gemeinnützige Organisationen war Gegenstand der gemeinsamen Arbeit auf Burg Hohnstein. Zunächst konnten sich die Teilnehmer dabei theoretische Kenntnisse zur Nutzung digitaler Kommunikationskanäle durch NGOs aneignen. Daran anknüpfend entwickelten sie später mit Antoine Léchevin Ansätze zur Umsetzung konkreter Vorhaben aus der eigenen Praxis.


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Renault 4: The Facebook Storytelling Campaign

from Digital Buzz Blog by Katy Daniells.

Renault Netherlands wanted to promote their Facebook page with their latest campaign, they enlisted the help of agency Dorst & Lesser who developed this nostalgic Facebook campaign around the character Grandma Hilda.
The Facebook campaign focused around the story of Hilda and her Renault 4. The concept of the story was that Hilda had loved her Renault 4 but she was now too old to drive and her car was left sitting in the garage. Hilda wanted to give the car away to someone who could also enjoy driving it. Facebook users were asked to visit the Facebook app to play virtual ‘hide and seek’ around an interactive house placing a tag where they thought the missing car key was. The person who placed a tag closest to the missing key would win the car.
The campaign received 10,293 unique tags and the Facebook page increased by 27,930, which doubled the number of fans. This is a good way to use the Facebook platform to create a nice storyline around the competition.

For those who never went on the Eiffel Tower

Test this nice 360° full screen website with a view of Paris from the top of the Eiffel Tower.

Watch it here

Sergei Larenkov – Echoes Of War

His photographs of the siege of Leningrad and St. Petersburg really got lots of name on internet and are famous too. so we present some really nice photographs by sergei, where past and present meet in Moscow, Berlin, Vienna, Prague..

via: http://thefabweb.com/25573/echoes-of-war/

Things Facebook Should Improve Or…

Things this website should improve or… is a list of things that facebook should change if they want that I keep my profile.

Feel free to comment or add anything…


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